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Club Trials

Are run under AMCA rules.
AMCA Rulebooks.

If required by regs you may download a blank entry form here
To save a little time filling out forms on the day, why not complete the entry form before you go?

Club Nights

Unfortunately since the COVID emergency very few members have attended the club night.
The committee have continued to meet at the Red Lion PH at Betchworth where they are made very welcome and where we continue to hold the AGM.
The committee generally meets on the second tuesday of the month. The meetings are informal and members are welcome to attend and meet/chat bikes with the committee

Star Group Trials

Run under ACU rules, normaly 2nd Sunday of the month
The best place to check for future Events, Regs and Results is Star Group Trials
ACU Handbook.

Practicing at Beare Gill.

More Information

For Directions to Trials

Note: for non RRND Trials not listed, please contact the organising club for details.
or perhaps try to "Google" the Club name to find their web site?

Forthcoming events

Note: events list below are colour coded as:

Club Trials - Club Night - Star Group - Practice Trial - Other

Note: I can only put things I know about in this list. If it's not listed,
it's because I have not been informed.
I recommend you check RRND on Facebook for the latest information.

If you spot a typo or error please let me know, many thanks Bruce.


Sunday 28 July - Club Trial
RRND at Faygate

Faygate Tip, Faygate, Nr. Colgate, West Sussex. RH12 4SD Start time: 10:30


23rd - 26th August - Camping Weekend
RRND at Dunsfold

Sethern, Rams Lane, Dunsfold, Surrey GU8 4NR Start time: 10:30

Sunday 25 August - Club Trial
RRND at Dunsfold

Sethern, Rams Lane, Dunsfold, Surrey GU8 4NR Start time: 10:30


Sunday 22 September - Club Trial
RRND at Tulleys farm

Turners Hill, West Sussex, RH10 4PD. Start time: 10:30


Sunday 27 October - Club Trial
RRND at Old quarry

Betchworth, RH3 7EZ Start time: 10:30


Sunday 24 November - Club Trial
RRND at Beare gill

Henhurst Cross Lane, Beare Green, Ockley, Surrey. RH5 4PX Start time: 10:30


Saturday 28 December - Club Trial
RRND Charity Trial at Tickfold Farm

Martches Road, Kingsfold, Horsham, RH12 3SE Start time: 10:30