Message from Dick Coles, Chairman RRND.

I received a Christmas present in the post a few weeks ago. It came from the AMCA and consisted of a pack of laminated cards for the measures to be taken during the COVID emergency.

Perhaps they were not very quick off the mark but it was a reminder that we are not going to be back to anything like normal trials for a while yet. Whilst we are in Tier 4 the view of the ACU is that no organised sport can take place.

The AMCA normally follow the lead of the ACU and I am anticipating that unless there is a significant change in the situation before our January trial we will not be issued with a permit for the event. I am sure many of you had anticipated that this was probably going to be the case.

You probably also remember that in the first lockdown we were encouraged to get out and about but to avoid activities that could lead to injuries and therefore more pressure on the NHS. This came strongly to mind when I witnessed two paramedics struggling with their gear up the very steep face of Pitch Hill, Ewhurst, on Thursday. My assumption (which may have been incorrect) was that they were trying to get to one of the steep and fast MTB runs on the hill.

However you amuse yourself before we next see you please bear that in mind, stay safe, stay well, and lets hope for a better year in 2021.

Dick Coles, Chairman RRND.