South Coast Trials (AMCA)

Whilst the Star group trials are run under ACU permit, the South Coast trials series are run under permit from AMCA, which doesn't require riders to have a trials licence.

Like the Star Group series, these are generally run on the second Sunday of every month, with the exception of November to avoid remembrance Sunday.

As a rule of thumb, the South Coast trials are slightly more difficult than Star Group trials on a like for like route basis and largely use different venues to the Star group series of trials.

As the RRND is affiliated to both AMCA and ACU, members have the option of riding in either series of events.

We take our turn to host a South coast trial for members of other clubs in the series during August, giving RRND members an opportunity to act as event officials, volunteers are always welcome..


Chairman Group Recorder and organiser
Bob Collins (Crawley) Tony Martin (Bognor) 01243 537331

Classes / Routes

White 50/50 White/Blue Blue 50/50 RedBlue Red Yellow
Expert Intermediate Novice Clubman Clubman Beginner
(note: only some trials)
Youth A Youth Inter Over 40 Youth C Over 60
Over 50 Youth C
Youth B

All trials normally start at 10:30

For Dates and Venues, see the What's on page

South Coast Club Websites

Note: Directions to Trials may often be found within the club web sites, but may take a little searching :-)
Alternatively, you may be able to find a contact to phone or Email


A number of the South Coast Clubs web site no longer appear to function :-( .
If anyone can provide details of a working Club web site, please let me know