Scoring at Club Trials

To ensure that everyone is clear as to how they should be marking themselves, I have set out below the AMCA scoring system which is used at our Club trials.
The scoring system that ALL RIDERS must use at our Club trials run under AMCA Rules is set out below (unless otherwise stated in the details for a particular event) :

Start and Finish

A machine will be deemed to be in the section when the front wheel has passed the Section Begins card and marks will be awarded until the back wheel has passed the Section Ends card.

Marks Lost ('Awarded')

Marks (or penalties) are lost/awarded as follows:
Marks Lost/Awarded What Marks are Lost/Awarded For
5 (or Fail) Fails to complete the section; or
 Machine moved backwards to gain better position; or
 Engine stops with rider or any part of the machine (except the tyres) touching the ground; or
 Rider intentionally moves either or both wheels sideways without forward motion; or
 Rider dismounts from the machine (both feet on the ground on the same side or behind the machine); or
 Machine crosses boundary tape or dislodges marker (wheels may not be lifted over markers or tape); or
 Machine or rider receives outside assistance; or
 Requested by rider rather than attempt the section; or
 A rider, or person having an interest in the rider's performance, who in any way alters the severity of the section without the authority of an official; or
 Travelling in a forward direction against the direction of the section.
3Footing more than twice.
2Footing twice.
1Footing once only.
0 (or Clean)Completing the section un-penalised.

What is Footing?

Footing will have occurred if ANY PART of the rider's body touches the ground or the rider benefits from any part of his body leaning on an obstacle (tree, wall, rock, etc.) without stopping the progress of the machine. Footing outside the section does not class as failure but is simply classed as footing.

What is Stopping?

The machine ceases forward motion for approx 3 seconds. A sight pause whilst a rider prepares for the next part of the section is allowed. The machine may also move back slightly as the rider regains momentum.

There is no penalty for TOUCHING tape or Section Cards, but dislodging them is a Fail so a 5 (see table above).

I would just mention (since it has also come up recently), that for the avoidance of doubt, "failure to complete a section" includes not passing through all sets of markers. It is up to the individual rider to ensure he or she is clear as to where the route lies, and to ask whoever laid out the section if they are not clear as to the route to be ridden. If you get to the end of a section and realise you have missed part of the route, then you have failed the section and must mark yourself as having a 5.

Everyone riding at our Club trials must adhere to the above scoring system, and not try and kid themselves that they are better than they are on the day, and deprive someone who is marking themselves accurately of a chance in the Championships.

Your Committee will be discussing the issue for the future of those who are found to be deliberately cheating in their self scoring. As I said above, Club trials are meant to be fun and they are good practice for Group events. We do not wish to be overly prescriptive, but will have no choice but to act if the 'creative marking' continues.

If anyone has any questions about the scoring system, then please address them to me at
Likewise if any members are unsure as to how to mark themselves and would like some practical riding training on scoring, then please contact me and depending on the numbers I can either arrange for a practice session, or arrange for you to 'buddy up' and ride around at a trial with an experienced person so you can score each other, and learn what is and what is not a penalty.

If anyone is interested in a group training session, please let me know and I'll see what can be arranged.
Colin Don