Reigate & Redhill North MC - Trial Results


Sunday 30th December Club Trial at Club Trial at Blacklands.
Sunday 9th December Extra Club Trial at at Beare Gill .
Sunday 25th November Club Trial at Club Trial at Betchworth.
Sunday 28th October Club Trial at Club Trial at Sparticles Wood.
Sunday 23rd September- Club Trial at Club Trial at Hook Woods.
Sunday 9th September- Star Group Trial at Don Barrett.
Sunday 25th August- Club Trial at Club Trial at Sethern, Rams Lane, Dunsfold.
Sunday 22nd July - Club Trial at Bear Gill.
Sunday 8th July - RRND South Coast Trial.
Sunday 24th June - Club Trial at at Tullys Farm.
Sunday 20th May - Club Trial at Betchworth.
Sunday 22nd April- Club Trial at Sparticles.
Sunday 15th April - RRND Long Distance Trial.
Thank you to all the competitors who entered our long distance trial.
We have had some great feed back from you and also some very complimentary comments from a horse rider who encountered you on the day.
I know that a for a few riders this was their first event.
Hopefully you did not find it too daunting and will be spurred on to enter some other events during the year.
It is difficult to set a sensible level of section when faced with such a wide range of skills and types of bike.
I think we managed to set sensible sections that were still a challenge even to experienced riders.
That six riders finished with clean sheets is remarkable.
Our state of the art timing gear only recorded to the nearest second but this still means we are able to identify clear winners in each class.
The premier award goes to Chris Koch with no marks lost and a great special test time of 29 seconds.
Richard Coles
RRND LDT 15/4/2018 Results UPDATE.
The individual results are unchanged but I managed to miss the "Kids from Kent " team off altogether and they take first place in the Team Competition with a total of only 7 marks lost from now second place "The Muppets" 16 marks lost.
Kids from Kent - riders 54 Robert Rout, 55 John Bird, 49 Derek Baker,
(The Muppets,14 Kevin Miller, 45 Adrian Cairns, 40 Stephen Pearce)
Sunday 25th March - Club Trial at Blacklands Farm.
Sunday 25th February - Club Trial at Tullys Farm.
Sunday 28th January - Club Trial at Bear Gill.
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